Lawrence Institute for Notaries Affiliate Program

Technical Support

Best way is to text with the header LIN SUPPORT. You may also call or email me.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We found that a long list of affiliates names interfered with user experience. Instead, when someone orders a course there is now a mandatory field for them to say who referred them to our website. Be sure to let people know to acknowledge you if they buy a course.


Your affiliate statistics are managed at  Affiliatly is a tracking software that will let us know who you refer to our Institute. When you login there you will see how many people have clicked on YOUR affiliate ID link and how many sales you generated. Your affiliate ID link will look like this:

The ?aff=9 will be the number assigned to you. The number 9 is just a sample of what it looks like.  Your ID number will be the number listed in your account at Affiliatly.

Downloadable Banners


Downloadable Banners Click the Image you want to use and right click to download it. Then, put your affiliate link on it and display on your website, blog post, social media post or anywhere you can display clickable images.

Determine the background color of your page and pick the appropriate text color.

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