Purchase quality books to enhance your skills and achieve success in apostilles and your notary business.

Judi and her colleagues have written many books, they can be a valuable asset to your educational journey. By reading and applying the lessons from her books, you can gain a competitive edge, overcome challenges, and achieve your full potential.

Apostille Agent's Survival Guide

A Not-So-Secret Reference Handbook to International Document Services Kindle Edition


Do you need an Apostille but have never heard of it until now? Want to increase your revenue as a legal services provider? Need to learn how to process international documents? Learn from the experts, Judi Lawrence and Matt Miller and soon you will be a successful Apostille Agent as well. In the Apostille Agents’ Survival Guide: The Not-So-Secret Reference Handbook to International Document Services, Judi and Matt share their years of hands on experience and combined knowledge to help you learn this critical service so that you can add it as part of your existing business or as a brand new venture. If you are looking for easy to understand information with tons of free resources to support your journey as an Apostille Agent, then this book is for you. Also, look for a private resource page for book owners listed in the book.

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Managing Your First Apostille Call... and Beyond

By Judi Lawrence

This book provides a guide on initiating the apostille transaction and emphasizes the significance of excellent customer service, especially when dealing with international documents. It highlights the importance of establishing a rapport with the caller and asking the appropriate questions. Whether you're a new or an experienced apostille professional, this book is a valuable resource that offers both new insights and a refresher on best practices.


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Make Your Business Our Business

An Interactive, Step-by-Step Guide to Policies, Procedures, & Profits

By Daniel C. Lewis and Judith P. Lawrence

Judith Lawrence was employed by a law firm for many years and suddenly, without revocation and at being over 55, had no job. After some serious struggles she reinvented herself and today is a business owner and entrepreneur. She delivers a strong message in this book that it is never too late and that with hard work and determination you can turn around your life.

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Supercharge Your Notary Career

Here are a few more books written by fellow industry professionals that I'd highly recommend reading.

Sign & Thrive

By Bill Soroka

This book lays out the complete 5-Phase system to start OR grow your loan signing business to levels you’ve never dreamed of. Read this book to get the clarity you need about how this service as a Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent can change both your life.

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Supercharge Your Notary Business with LinkedIn

By Bill Soroka & Sandra Long

LinkedIn is a veritable gold mine for notaries, and this book is the treasure map that will lead you step by step along the way. LinkedIn provides the platform to help you cultivate relationships. And in this business, relationships are everything!

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The Notary Business Builder Challenge

By Bill Soroka

The Notary Business Building Challenge gives you a full 90 days of activities to tap into the opportunities that cultivate lifetime customer relationships and truly build a business that will last, no matter what interest rates are doing. 

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